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Verona Fire House, 304 Lee Hwy, Verona, Va.

Friday, March 9, 2018 at 5 p.m.



Knives:  approx 205: 136 Case (lots new in box, including John Deere,Elvis, Bowie Knife, Victory in the Gulf, Earnhardt Jr. & Sr., Civil War 125th Anniversary, John Wayne, From Sea to Shining Sea, 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Shark Tooth, Coca Cola, Knife for a Soldier, Babe Ruth, misc. NASCAR drivers).  Scharade, Uncle Henry, Remington Bullet, Boker, Old Timer, New York Knife Co., North American Hunting Club set.


Firearms:  Spencer Gun Co. 12ga single barrel (150938), Sovereign Mod. SM64 .22 auto clip fed made in Italy w/4x Simmons scope (040286), Sears & Roebuck Ted Williams Mod. 100 30-30 lever action (V128364), Winchester Mod. 94 30-30 lever action made in 1982 (6083323), SKS 7.62x39 Norinco (China) Atlanta Ga. (2302665C), Harrington & Richards Mod. 88 12ga 28” barrel (AZ575297), Winchester Mod. 190 .22 auto w/scope (B1762358), Winchester Mod. 60A .22 single shot, Winchester Mod. 37 12ga 30” barrel, Mossberg Mod. 800 .308 bolt action w/3x9 Simmons scope (216058), Military rifle MAS MLE 1936 (FG17426 – 243680), Savage Mod. 99E .308 lever action (C969265), Winchester Mod. 94 30-30 lever action made in 1975 (4176979), Marlin 22 WMR BA 22” stainless never fired (94673827), Savage Mod. 12AC 7mm-08 never fired (G840038), Remington Mod. 700CDL Classic Deluxe BA never fired (G6444921), Savage Mod. 99E 300 (11D9804), LeFever Long Range Field & Trap 12ga, Remington Mod. 870 Wingmaster 16ga mod choke (165742W), Baltimore Arms 12ga DB, Wm Parkerhurst 12ga DB rabbit ears, Remington 12ga SB, Winchester Mod 37 .410, Savage 12ga automatic, Stevens Favorite .32 octagon barrel, Mossberg Mod 835 12ga (turkey gun), J. Stevens 12ga DB rabbit ears, Iver Johnson .22 semi-automatic, Stevens Mod. 15A .22.  Ammo


Coins:  Peace & Morgan Dollars, Walking Liberty halves; Indian Head & Wheat pennies; Mercury dimes; Large cents.


Honey Supplies:  10 hives, supers, bee smoker, bee vacuum (never used), feeders.  OFFERING: 18-frame extractor and Varrox vaporizer for bee mites.


Collectibles:  Griswold (bean pot, dampers, waffle iron, skillets, #8 & 9 w/original lid, stainless, stainless w/wood handle; belt buckles; #13 blue jar; Hall Tea Leaf; Homer Laughlin Georgian; steel traps; hide stretchers; coolers; iron pot; baseball & football cards; glassware; tools; Fenton; anvil; corn sheller; tubs; Coleman lanterns; reels & poles, lanterns.


TERMS: Cash, check, card (3%). Food.  Not responsible in case of accident.  Announcements on day of sale take precedence over printed matter. 



Mark W. Craig  - Va. Lic. #2160







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