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of Junior & Charlene Kester

Verona Fire House

304 Lee Hwy, Verona, Va.
Saturday, September 12, 2020 at 9 a.m.


Furniture: Toms Toasted Peanut case, chairs, lamp table, sofa table, barber chair, electric fireplace, small cabinet, display cabinet, several wood stoves, Western Knife cabinet, bookshelf tea cart, oak chairs, oak church bench, metal kitchen stool, bench, incubator, Valdawn Collectibles case, safe.


Other:  BRAND & Freed Waynesboro calendar, Murray Hardware Edinburg calendar, Dr. Pepper advertising items, Bull Durham tobacco adv., churn, toy pinball games, barrel, crock, butter presses, milk bottles (Augusta Dairy, Creamier Baby Top), fossil rocks, cuckoo clock, Boy & Cub Scout manuals, horse tv clock, pictures, Civil War items, Fork Union Military Academy pin, ice tongs, chicken waterers, lamp made from shotgun, coffee grinder, Winston Cigarette sign, chicken coop, Jamestown plate, apple peeler, painted ice saw, wood advertising box, marbles, quilt frame, roller skates, globe, string holder, mouse traps, license plates, decanters, old bottles, linens, lamps, figures, humidifier, Tupperware, kitchen items, oil lamps, wind-up alarm clocks, enamelware, commercial meat slicer, Christmas items, candle blow molds, Betsy Ross thermometer, Kmart Sports Center sign, butter dishes, dutch oven, lantern, apple picking basket, iron skillets * griddle, movie poster, lobster trap, GEM cistern pump, vlassic pickle jar, butchering kettle (legs broke off), military items (picture of 104th Motor Supply Train 1918, bayonet, canteens, backpacks, helmet, clips & clip elt, ammo bag, gas mask, holster, uniforms, patches & pins, ammo boxes).


Taxidermied Items:  wild turkeys (full mounts & tails), bobcats (full mounts, rug), snake skin, deer (heads, butt, pelts, antlers, fawns, full mounts), squirrels, coons, foxes, peacock, elk, fish, groundhog, ostrich foot, black bear full mount & paw gun holder, hornets nests.


Misc Tools:  fishing poles & nets, compound & recurve bows, bb guns, knives & cleavers, snow shoes, black powder pistol, shotgun reloader, fishing bow, bandsaw, router, sump pump, circular saw, hay knife, hay lift, wood toolbox, small anvil, haynes, horse drawn plow, table saw, chainsaw, garden tools, cutter box, traps, oars.


Many items already boxed.


Terms: No BP. Cash, check, card (3%). Food by Possum Holler Catering.  Not responsible in case of accident. Announcements on day of sale take precedence over printed matter. All Items are offered “AS IS and WHERE IS.” We make no warranties or guarantees, at any time, on an offered Item or the description of that item. All bidders are encouraged to examine items before bidding. All sales are final. No refunds or credits will be issued. 





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