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Tool Auction

Verona Fire House
304 Lee Hwy, Verona, Va.
Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 5 p.m.
(Postponed from Jan. 6 & Feb. 24)


Snap On Tools:  Metric: crow feet, stub wrenches, low profile socket set, ratchet wrenches, line wrenches, tap & die set, T-handles, open end/box end, swivel ¼” sockets, deep impacts, ¼”deep 6pt sockets, ¾” deep 12pt sockets. Standard:  impact sockets, ratchets, extensions, short reverse box ends, reverse box ends, deep well sockets, T-handles, angle wrenches (3/8-1-5/8”), allen wrenches, sockets, 3/8” torque & inverted torque bits, 8pt sockets, 3/8” 6pt swivel sockets, swivel head torques.  Other:  Toolboxes, carbide burr set, ratcheting screwdriver set, allen wrenches, bearing separators, tool cart, half moon, chisels, punches, multi-meter, gun & 18v charger,18v battery, stud extractor, hand impact, work light, bushing driver set, radiator tester, 1/2”-3/8” breaker bar.


Cornwell: long allens, long torques, air gun, air angle drill, swivel metric impact sockets, air buffer.


Blue Point:  air ratchet (3/8”), air grinders, air hacksaw, multi cutter, ratcheting crimper kit, tail pipe cutter, copper tubing flairing tool, Power Link 30, tubing tool set, soldering gun, aluminum seal drivers, oil filter wrench, calipers, aluminum seal drivers, filler gauges.


Air Tools:  needle scaler, ¾” air gun, air hammer, Matco air drill, air chisel set, air grease gun, shears, pickle forks.


Other:  Mac ratcheting wrenches, 1” drive sockets, extensions, ratchet, breaker bar (1-5/8 to 3-1/8”), open-end/box end wrenches (standard & metric), brake slack adjuster, torque bit sets, puller, air compressor clutch tool, magnetic base for dial indicator, thread cleaner, truck & trailer wheel pan, metric angle wrenches, blow nozzle w/interchangeable ends, Matco picks, deep well sockets, torque bits set, tool cart, Gear Wrench ratcheting line wrenches, Gear Wrench stubby swivel, mics (1-4”), depth micrometer, standard mics, dial indicators, grease gun, air brake slack adjustment puller, brake caliper tool, CAT steering clutch wrench, bolt cutters, 6” pounds torque adjuster (Mack truck), bolt cutters, digital thermometer, Spicer clutch adjuster, chisels, nut drivers, tin snips, screwdrivers, filler gauges, Volvo jake brake filler gauges, L-shaped filler gauges, Volvo radiator hose clip, Series 60 Detroit timing pin, chain dividers, chain link adder, slack adjusters, wire strippers & crimpers, vice grips, wheel steps, flex hone, left-hand drill bits, hole saws, 6/12v battery tester, gasket cutter set, large pipe taps, Volvo Truck radiator drain, serpentine belt tool, Power Probe III, U-Joint tool, bearing packer, electric engraver, slide hammer, seal pullers, butane torch.


Terms: No BP. Cash, check, card (3%). Food by Possum Holler Catering.  Not responsible in case of accident. Announcements on day of sale take precedence over printed matter. All Items are offered “AS IS and WHERE IS.” We make no warranties or guarantees, at any time, on an offered Item or the description of that item. All bidders are encouraged to examine items before bidding. All sales are final. No refunds or credits will be issued. 




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